Little Angels Nappies & Pants
Here at Asda, we understand that having children can seem quite daunting at times. But don’t worry, we’ve developed our range of Little Angels nappies to make each step in your child’s development that little bit easier – from newborn through to toddler and beyond.

We’re proud to have developed an amazing range of nappies that have been made with both you and baby in mind. The whole range is super soft and kind to baby’s delicate skin, and our super absorbent gel beads are on hand to help keep little accidents at bay.

And if you’re not sure when you need to move up a size? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. On our Newborn and Comfort & Protect range, we have a nifty little size guide to help you understand when it might be the right time to buy the next size.

Want to find out the best nappy for your little one? Find out more about each individual range by using the links below.

Little Angels Newborn
Little Angels newborn nappies
We know that your baby’s skin will be at its most delicate when it is first born. That’s why we’ve made sure our Newborn nappies are super soft and snuggly.
Little Angels Comfort & Protect
Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies
We’re always listening to your feedback and making sure we’re doing what’s right for you and your baby, and with this in mind we’ve made a few changes recently. We’ve taken all your favourite features from our Comfort Dry and Supreme Protection nappies to create our Comfort & Protect nappy. We’re sure you’ll love what we’ve done!
Little Angels Pants
Little Angels pants
When your little angel is starting to become a curious little explorer, our First Pants are excellent for their amazing adventures!
Little Angels Swim Pants
Little Angels Swim Pants
We know how much fun it is to splash around in the pool, and that’s why we’ve developed swim pants (and nappies for the teeny-tiny tots) to give you complete confidence in the water.